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Feb 14, 2014
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Top 10 Denzel Washington Films

#10 Malcom X

Malcom X stars Denzel Washington and was one of his first big movies that was released in 1992. Denzel played along with Angela Bassett and portrays the real story of Malcom X the documentary.  It estimated making $48 million in box office hits to this day. Denzel played a great role in this Warner Brothers Picture just like all of his movies. Making it to our number ten spot – Malcom X.

#9 Unstoppable

Unstoppable was released in 2010 and was starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington in a movie about a runaway train incident. The two men try relentlessly to stop this runaway cart and are left trying to use extreme measures as most of there plans are unsuccessful. Denzel Washington plays the role of Frank Barnes who is a railroad engineer and has estimated earnings of $168 million in earnings from box office hits.

#8 Courage Under Fire

Courage Under Fire starring Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Matt Damon and many more was an awesome release back in 1996 about an incident that happened in the Gulf War. Details are covered up and start to unravel a story of unpredictable lies and deceit. Denzel plays a great role in this movie while quickly upping the ante in his powerful position.

#7 The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief was an awesome thriller with an FBI lawyer Gavin who plays with Denzel Washington as they find themselves chasing information back into the white house. It gets a little deeper than that but we don’t want to ruin this awesome movie. Make sure you catch it on Netflix for an instant streaming.

#6 Inside Man

Inside Man is an action packed movie where Denzel plays the negotiator to a high stakes bank robbery that turns into a hostage situation quickly. The well played bank robbery is held by Don Russel who planned the perfect robbery.

#5 DeJavu

Deja Vu was released in 2006 and has Denzel Washington playing as an ATF officer who travels back in time to try to stop terrorist events taking place. He finds himself trying to protect Claire after falling in love with her. Stopping at nothing to prevent her death as its occurred once already.

#4 Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide takes place on a submarine and stars Denzel Washington during a political event where people are threating left and right to launch nuclear missiles at a few surrounding territories. Denzel plays with Gene Hackman in this stunning film that will leave you breathless.

#3 Training Day


One of our favorites here at Trainging Day. The good cop bad cop story and yeah – we love bad cops. Denzel plays the role of a bad cop in this movie “Alonzo” and convinces Officer Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) a position on his undercover drug enforcement team. He later finds out there not doing justice work at all and has to confront the situation. Great A + Movie, Great Job Denzel.!

#2 Bone Collector

Bone Collector was a chilling 1999 thriller starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in an epic chase against a serial murderer. The race against time is ticking not only against catching the criminal but also in Denzel’s health. He plays the role of a unique detective in an almost vegetative state moving only his fingers and upper torso. A bad situation takes this movie for a horrible turn only to be brought back to life, were sure you’ll enjoy this video.

#1 Man On Fire

In Man on Fire, Denzel plays the roll of John Creasy and is trying to safely protect Pita who is played by lovely Dakota Fanning. This high action packed thriller has made it to our number one spot of Denzel Washington films, It’s a must see. We hope you enjoyed our list of top Denzel Washington films.

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