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Jun 16, 2014
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Splashingly Fun Wall Art

Graffiti started making its way on sub way carts in 1970 but actually was popular in the 1960’s. It began by people tagging on walls to make statement or to mark territories. If you think about origin then really you could take it all the way back to the drawings on the walls in ancient caves and tombs. While there are several different locations and suggestions of origin on the net it doesn’t really matter where this wall art came from, but more importantly. What are we getting from this? The fun side: Art: Entertainment: Beauty – Splashingly Fun Wall Art.

Graffiti is portrayed differently by each artist putting up the work. While many work alone several have started working in teams for elaborate pieces. Here we see a solo artist using some great colors to portray a character and with exceptional facial features they capture the image well. Using a tone of green paint the artist does a wonderful job on the background.

I’d like to share a personal story for anyone reading these. There comes a few posts that actually relate to me as a site owner, My name is Timothy Freund. In my earlier days I use to draw some awesome pieces of art – Only graffiti, I couldn’t draw any animals, anything realistic, pretty much the only thing I drew was “Great Pieces of Graffiti”. I drew all the time and my work was admired by many. Which at the time was classmates, friends and family. This work wasn’t your average high school graffiti was crazy, I let the drawing pass with age and thought there was no use of graffiti in a world and its market. (cont)

Where can you perform your art, your design, your new image without the risk of something like this? I became a web designer with a hint of graphical design to design what I wanted digitally. While you can pick up a stylus pad to do your graphical work I didn’t go that route, I’m still vaguely new but the next image is a personal old copy I found of a piece I did.. Enjoy..

So I know its not the best I could of found but this was from a bit ago, designed this for some art class I was in touching up on some of my latest skills. We were defining a look with a word used in the image. Hence the image breaking and titled “Unbreakable”. As I look back my lettering could have been a lot better – but I figured after finding this on a search of my hard drive I’d share it with you guys. Hope it didn’t ruin a good set of images!

Cartoons are displayed a lot in your custom designers wall art. Portraying things the artist represents or enjoys is a big part of the artists design. Homer Simpson breaking out of the wall can be seen here in a 3D effect where he is displayed busting through it in an attack. Normally Homer spends his day drunk doing stupid stuff so this interpretation is a bit different.

Unfortunately they have made it illegal to produce pieces of art like these in most situations and locations. So usually when you see these wonderful pieces, someone has broken the law to apply this wonderful display. The property its put on does not belong to the owner which makes it unfortunately vandalism which is a misdemeanor until you reach a level of vandalism. Spraying on a wall that would cost over $599 to replace is actually considered a felony. So in all of these cases, this fashionable fun wall art is a felony. A Crime! What a shame.



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