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Jun 16, 2014
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Justin Beiber Was Arrested Again.

Justin Beiber at it again getting arrested this time for a bad public display of behavior. Celebrities are getting into more trouble these days and Beiber tends to be making the news a lot lately. Recently he was charged with a DUI while driving a rented lamborghini at 4am in the morning in Miami Beach, Florida.  While we recognize he’s just a kid with too much money when is it enough? Being a role model is hard enough without the camera men following you around recording every aspect of your life.

So is it harder while everyone knows who you are? When your drinking and driving people notice – While if you were a regular member of society driving a piece of shit black ford truck like mine, drinking and driving you probably wouldn’t even be noticed. So being a celebrity puts you under the spotlight in every aspect. Justin should know this by now and if he wants to remain the Teen American Idol he needs to calm his act down a bit.


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