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Jun 16, 2014
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Funny Wedding Photos.

Every girl’s dream of that day when they finally jump the broom. A wedding is supposed to be memorable and a one time event. The best part of the wedding is the memory’s and of course the photos that keeps that special moment alive. The bride in the photo above has a great sense of humor and decided to have a little fun with her bridesmaid. The littlest thing that you do can give an great impact and a priceless moment!

A wedding is supposed to be a time of joy and bliss that you share with your family and friends. The family shown here seems normal, seems like they abide by the rules. If you look a little closer you can notice the younger son/ Ring Bearer decide to take the family portrait up a notch. I can say this kid have guts or just doesn’t like the photographer. What a classic to get home and see this funny wedding photo weeks later.

Weddings use to be just a simple gathering of family and friends. Some Brides now-a-days have taken it to a different level and gets empower by the ceremony planning.  America calls them Bridezillas ruthless women that dreamed about walking down the aisle to Matrimony,they become so obsess it’s like a evil demon possess them.


Weddings is a time to be cheerful and give blessing to those that you love and cherish the moment. The picture above is one of those cherishable moments. It seems to me that the little bride is not happy walking down the aisle being watched by everyone. This is quite normal and happens a-lot but to catch it on camera or film is a once in lifetime event.

Weddings are a secret bond between two individuals until death do them apart. This bride and groom are protected by Charlie Angels,four  beautiful silent and deadly women, sent to protect and serve Love on Earth. Good Job Angels ! Target is terminated love has won another battle.

Weddings are supposed to be a equal unity between two human beings. This picture above show a totally different concept.The husband is on lock down with a link chain and ball and the wife has the key. She has a tight grip on him and will always be at arm reach if needed to be. This means all the partying and single lifestyle is out the window.

Weddings are supposed to be forever until death do you apart. You should be very sure that you are making the right choice and that you are ready to be with that one person forever. Some people know at first sight others find out too late and then their are some that find out the day of the ceremony. People makes jokes about it but the truth is that gotta hurt and be very embarrassing to have some one run out on you on your wedding day!

Wedding photos are a keepsake and important memorable piece of your life. This bride and bride maids decided to turn up the heat a little and get their playboy on. You have your sexy girl on girl action two leg shots and your beautiful bride in the center. This is one of our favorites here at – We hope you enjoyed our gallery of Funny Wedding Photos.

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