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Jun 16, 2014
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Creepy Abandoned Buildings

An abandon fairground is spooky and very hazardous for your health. They are very rare to see and have a story to tell you about it’s history. This reminds me of a horror flick where I stumble onto the predator turf, and i have to fight to survive for my life.

An old abandon house that haven’t been lived in for ages but yet it looks as if the items had been disturb. From the looks of it the occupant use to be a writer of some sort. Maybe he was working on a project and pass away before he finished it, and is bond to earth for eternity until his work is complete.

A abandon factory tunnel is not an idea place to be stranded or wondering through. It’s have unknown pest and mast darkness in some spots where your visual sight is impaired. Most abandon factories have an bad story to it’s down fault. Factories are well known for mass murders, and hauntings from accidents in the work place.

A Abandon Hospital  is on the top of the list of creepy. A hospital is known for healing and helping others, that’s all the good things about an hospital. Hospitals wrongfully kills over 500,000 people yearly that’s an large amount of deaths. Then you have your typical psych ward where individuals were torture by electric shock and other methods. Just think there are a reason to the closing of the facility and i wouldn’t be surprise if it’s haunted.

Abandon ruins can be a unique find , but also eerie at the same time just sitting alone in the woods. Just the uniqueness alone makes you want to explore and see what you can discover. This is a very dangerous situation  you don’t know if the walls are stable and if the place is booby trap for trespasser .

An Abandon house can be quite eerie at times cause of a stereotype lead on from the history of the house or occupants. Take this picture for example this room looks old and creepy. The previous owner looks as if they were old, religious,an hermit that never interacts with the outside world.

  A abandon house in a in your neighborhood is creepy because you never know whats inside. Yeah you can  just imagine it has spiders , bugs,and others type of dangerous insects. Abandon houses are also perfect shelter for the homeless and a perfect spot for a foul predator. You should be very aware of  abandon house in you neighborhood.

This is by far the most ludicrous idea ever to live on the rough water. I will be scared to death of the house tumbling over with a wave or big fish. Speaking of fish be careful stepping out the front door unless you want to go for a swim and you never have to worry about food.

Abandon water parks are very dangerous some of the rides reaches creepy heights of 200ft in the air. Some gang taggers risk their life climbing the ridiculous height just to spray graffiti. Look at the freaky background  of the ride it looks as if it drops you off in the middle of the woods.

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