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Feb 28, 2014
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Beautiful Waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall is called the Pearl Shoal Waterfall and is located in Sichuan China. The top of this waterfall is( 533 ft.) in width and has a fall of (130 ft.) This is the most amazing waterfall that I have ever seen.

This amazing waterfall is the Canadian horseshoe falls (Niagara Falls) in Canada.  The waterfall get’s it’s name Horseshoe Falls  because the fall is shaped like a horseshoe. It is 174 ft. tall and is used as a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

This is the “Angel Waterfall” of Venezuela and is known to be the world’s highest waterfall. It is 3212 ft. tall and has an altitude of 2648 ft. The fall altitude is so high that before the water can reach the ground, the tiny drops turn into fog.  Wow, this is amazing.

Kravice waterfall is another beautiful waterfall. It stretches over 328 ft. across and drops over 82 ft. into a crystal green natural pool at the bottom. It is known to be one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Bosnia.

This is another beautiful waterfall called the Havasupai (Havasupai means “people of the blue-green water”) located in Arizona at the Grand Canyon National park. This Fall is only 100 ft. tall but it is still beautiful and the water is an amazing blue- green color. I would definitely like to be there swimming on a nice hot day.

The Godafoss waterfall (also known as the “waterfall of the Gods”) is one of the most amazing waterfalls  located in IceLand. It is 40 ft. tall and has a 100 ft. cliff.

This beautiful waterfall is called Ladder Creek Falls and is located in Whatcom County in Washington. It is 108 ft. tall and it’s tallest drop is 46 ft.  This is another one of God’s wonderful creations.

This 130 ft. high waterfall called Seljalandsfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland.  Another interesting fact about this waterfall is that it was used as a waypoint during the first leg of The Amazing Race 6. Know you got to admit, that would be neat to be on Amazing race and get to come check out this  gorgeous waterfall here in Iceland.

This is another amazing waterfall called Veliki Kpzjak that is located in Soca Valley Slovenia.  This beautiful waterfall is actually a border between Italy and Slovenia.