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Jun 16, 2014
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Amazingly Stunning Homes & Locations

These stunning home locations most likely won’t be found on your block and sometimes not even close to your region. These stellar foundations are highly priced home locations we really enjoy. Whether its the home itself or the locational view that the home gives off were sure your bound to see some lovely homes or maybe even come up with some great ideas for your existing structure. We are sure you’ll love our list of Amazing Stunning Homes & Locations.

While choosing your favorite stunning home location take into mind the scenery and piece of mind you get while sitting in that home. Watching the sunset from a lofty view could be sensational. Having a high rise look is becoming more popular in these exotic home locations. One thing we almost overlooked was the fireplace on the left hand side of this photo. This stunning location really offers the home owners a lot. Piece of mind.

Eye catching home locations are always a stellar sell on the market as this home shows off its floating patio style setting the water creeps up over the setting which makes this awesomely cool.

Knowing the location value is hard right? I mean you can only get what the weather is portraying on the day you view your home. What about a home that has an awesome view in the mornings across the water? You never even know a lot of the Amazingly Stunning Home & Location features till you’ve actually moved in fully. Your settled in your new location and the next morning comes, somewhere around 5:15am the sun beams through the glass to give you a nice warm morning wave. This could be your next dream home location.

Why not slide down to the pool? New exotic ideas on home locations are stepping it up a notch. Adding a pool just isn’t enough. The steep white walls keep a clean look while the glass patios look upon the outside this is a site to see. Very beautiful when choosing ideas on your next location try to think outside the box.

Not all locations have to be on a sandy beach, some can be located on the river with great wooden and rocky banks. This style is very affordable and loved while we can tell the wind is an extreme location maybe making this a kiteboarder’s dream location. Pull the boat around back it should already be gassed up and grab the wake board off the back.

It’s not always about the actual home, It’s also about the things included with the home. Although you’ve got the perfect stunning home does it have a backyard beauty spot like this? One were you can relax and have a drink after a long days work. The island backyard locations are a great place for this. We hope you get to enjoy a scenic location like this if your picking an exotic new home location.

Hey so if your neighbors are starting to be a pain just go bigger. Eliminate your neighbors by purchasing a small island dream home location. This stunning residence isn’t easy to get to without the use of the personalized helipad that you can see on the southern coast of the island. While this home features two pools, one actually acts as a front side mote surrounding the front entrance. Pretty cool right? Thanks for checking out our Amazing Homes & Locations!


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