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Jun 16, 2014
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7 Custom Pc Setups You’ll Enjoy

Custom PC Setups can be a blast but before beginning its best to start off with knowing what you are trying to achieve. With your Custom PC components things may very depending on what kind of setup you are looking for. The photo we start off with was setup for gaming. What looks to be as the owner really focuses the force of this computer into race car games. The external computer devices show this off in a supreme branding structure by having the same features in a race car as if you were driving it. Custom PC’s are unique because everything dealing with your custom PC setup will be a different component then the next. From the desk – to the computer itself. We hope you enjoy the rest of our Custom PC setups.

Whether its futuristic or real time Custom PC’s have and will continue to go a long way. This Gravitonus simulates you moving along with the controls in a full 240 degree directional change. Custom PC’s are growing rapidly with all the new designs and features being released. From the motion detection and even the latest releases from the more popular gaming systems released a moveable action remote. Dominating the market will be easily manageable for anyone staying on top of these latest technical devices.

Technology is moving forward every year and now where looking at the new custom PC with a curved screen that acts as the full work place. This concept design is a great update of the PC table created in 2013, Scheduled to release in April 2014 this design is sure to go for a lot as it uses currently a projected display but will soon use the curved technology that came out late last year. Enjoying a custom setup with a newly built concept is always cool.

Neon setups are something you can always enjoy, In our list of Custom PC setups you’ll see a lot of these types of colors and displays of neon to show off the sleek look of the computer setup. This piece even uses water cooled tubes that flow with the same neon green. Great setup we’d love to have something like this in our office. While they sell custom PC’s they just don’t look like this out of the box.

Custom see through PC’s are going to be the new wave, while they are working on this technology for phones as well we should start seeing these custom PC’s that have an invisible look to the screens. Being portrayed through small lens and projectors to give off this unique lovely appeal.

Rounding out the Custom PC list we would love to see your personal CUSTOM PC setups as well, IF you would like to send a picture for our 2014 list we would love to see and submit them to our publishers. Please send us any images you wish to submit. This custom pc setup is enjoyed by someone his has a fashion for lady detectives as we see ALIAS and Laura Croft displayed on both monitors. Lovely custom PC setup.

Custom PC – Swivel Panel Monitors creating a parallel effect while gaming. While the curved monitor effect is very well achieved here in this custom PC setup they are talking about releasing a curved model style on all our media players. TV’s, cell phones, monitors & were sure probably even more. We’ve even seen mini watches with a curved design concept being released later this year. Guessing were going to have to see the prices before we stop creating our home designed Custom PC’s. We hope you enjoyed our list of Custom PC computers.

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