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Feb 20, 2014
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6 Wealthy Teen Celebs You Love

#6 Abigail Brestlin

Born in New York City in 1996 (Currently 17) – Abigail Breslin joins our list at number 7 and in no particular order. Starring in movies like “The Call”, “Ender’s Game”, and Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin is a great and yes, Wealthy Teen Celebrity.  Abigail Breslins net worth is currently averaged at around $12 million. Doing very well for her early career in her dream lifestyle.

#5 Elle Fanning

Younger sister of Dakota Fanning – Elle Fanning is a very wealthy teen celebrity starting early in her actress career. She was born in Georgia – in 1998 (Currently 15). Currently working on two films, Maleficent & The Boxtrolls it seems Elle Fanning is staying very busy. Also starring in Daddy Day Care as you may remember the fun, cute, innocent role she always plays so well.

#4 Harry Styles

English Pop Singer – Harry Edward Styles hits the teen wealth band club hard with his estimated $20 Million net worth. He started singing at a younger age in elementary school and escalated from there ever since – now performing in a band “One Direction” which has become very successful in today’s pop market. Reportedly to be one of the richest young teen celebrities to this date.

#3 Jaden & Willow

With a combined network of $12m Willow and Jaden Smith are very successful and moving forward with both of there careers., Both of these young wealth celebrities have earned there great titles as celebrity actors/acrtress. Both play huge starring roles in multiple films everyone loves today and we are sure to see more from these young celebrities soon as both have something planned for 2014. Fathered by Will Smith who needs no introduction.

#2 Justin Bieber

Record hitting high at $160 million – Justin Bieber’s net worth is amazing. Originally from Canada hes sold over 15m albums. Currently only 19 Bieber was founded by his Youtube videos and took off immediately.

#1 Liam Payne

Sitting at $30 Million Wealth Teen Celebrity Liam Payne plays in a band with Harry in One Direction. Currently 20 years old and born in the United Kingdom Liam started singing a bit earlier at bars on karaoke. At age 12 he perfected his singing and started pursuing his future career. Were glad he did as One Direction has topped the charts for years now on the Top Billboards.

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